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Mile after mile, NANOspikes® footwear traction provides unrivaled comfort, grip and performance when running on icy streets, roads, and sidewalks. Ten extremely wear-resistant tungsten carbide spikes per foot bite into frozen surfaces and highly durable dual-compound TPU traction plates feature specialized inserts that disburse impact forces. NANOspikes® also allow users to safely transition between dry and slippery pavement without affecting the natural running motion, providing the high performance road runners demand so they can train and stay outside all year round.

Best Use: Road running, walking
Terrain: City streets and sidewalks
Conditions: Ice, hard-packed snow
Footwear: Road running shoes

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Product Features

Spike Design

Ten spikes per foot with embedded tungsten carbide tips grip icy surfaces. Each spike is held in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor and is surrounded by a TPU cleat for added traction and shock absorption.

Dual Compound TPU

A soft outer compound provides wear-resistance and flexibility, and aids in snow release, while a hard inner compound near the spikes disperses force against the outsole of footwear. Additional upward-facing traction ensures the traction plates stay in place against footwear.

Reinforced Eyelets

Using a patented eyelet design, tough TPU inserts reinforce key stress points, allowing the elastomer harness to be lighter and stronger.

Toe Bail

TPU toe bail provides added security and prevents the toe from pushing through the front of the elastomer harness.

Raised Heal Tab

Allows for easy pull-back and removal.

Elastomer Harness

Low-profile and ergonomically shaped, the elastomer harness is constructed from a durable TPE for a secure fit that remains stretchy in cold temperatures, down to -22°F (-30°C).

NANOspikes® Footwear Traction Specs:

• 10 spikes per foot (on all sizes)

• 0.21-inch spike length (5.33 cm)
• Spike material: tungsten carbide

• Weights per pair:

Extra Small: 7.2 oz (204 g)

Small: 7.5 oz (214 g)
Medium: 8 oz (226 g)
Large: 8.3 oz (236 g)
Extra Large: 9 oz (255 g)
• Pack size: 6 x 4 x 2.25 inches (54 in3)
• 2-year warranty

• Tote sack included

• Care Instructions: Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect before each use.

Additional Information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 5 × 2.5 in

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26 reviews for NANOspikes® Footwear Traction

  1. Robert

    Surprised I am the first one to review these. Nanospikes work great. I am a trail runner and hiker in Colorado and the Nanos have not let me down (no pun intended), yet. They are very easy to put on and take off. I don’t feel like I’m running on clunky spikes or tearing up the trails in these. Plus they are $20 less than Micros. Will definitely buy again.

  2. Jeremy D Hakes

    These things are fantastic for walking around any snow/ice. I use them for hiking on low-slope/flat areas, walking the dog, shoveling the driveway, walking almost anywhere that may be icy or hard packed snow. They’ve never let me down. My company uses them and issues them for Personal Protective Equipment to help keep our employees from falling at work (construction).

  3. Cynthia

    These work very well for traction on ice when trail running. My problem is, my toes start to hurt after about 3 miles. The top of the device presses uncomfortably on the tops of my toes and I end up with sore toes.

    • Andrew Wisniewski

      Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for your review. We appreciate the feedback and wanted to reach out about the issue you’re having with our NANOspikes® and the pressure they’re putting on your toes.

      While they do work with a wide variety of shoes, through testing our NANOspikes® with a number of different shoe brands and styles, we’ve found that the round connection points of the toe bale labeled “FRONT” can sometimes rub through shoes with a softer mesh top or that have a narrow toe box. Depending on your shoe style and foot size, it could also be as simple as going up a size in the NANOspikes®. Either way, we’d love to speak with you about the issue and help resolve the situation however possible. Please feel free to reach us directly at (866) 330-8030.


      Andrew, Kahtoola associate

  4. Shannon

    These are fantastic. I use these for running on icy roads and sidewalks and they are excellent. I am very happy that I did not go with a cheap knockoff but bought these. They are worth every penny. Love these!!!

  5. Graham

    Ran 9 miles in these today on the road. (Borrowed my wife’s.). We had three inches of snow over ice. I loved them and just bought a pair for myself. They stayed on and added a little weight but not enough to be concerned. I am a believer!

  6. Robin

    These work really well to grip the snow and ice compared to other brands of spikes I have tried. They fit almost seamlessly so it feels like you are wearing shoes with built-in spikes, but they provide the flexibility of using them on different pairs of shoes! Sadly, like a previous reviewer said, I too, get sore toes (from the strap labeled FRONT), though I have tried them with several pairs of shoes on several runs.

  7. Dwight Conant

    I run 20+ miles a week. I put these on my Altra Timp trail shoes which are well reimforced shoes for trail running. These are not made for running shoes with a mesh top. The rubber straps press in on your toes and you will give up running after a few paces and go home.

    • Andrew Wisniewski

      Hi Dwight. Andrew with Kahtoola here. I’m sorry to hear that this is your experience. While our NANOspikes are designed for use with running shoes that are constructed with mesh tops, we’ve found that sometimes the straps in question can rub against the toes based on a person’s foot and shoe profile, but not often. Personally, I use these with my the Altra Timp IQ, which are very similar to the original Timp, and haven’t had any issues. Overall, we’ve found the NANOspikes work well with Altras. As you can imagine, we don’t want this to be the experience our customers have, and I’d like to learn more and hopefully find a way to resolve this issue if you wouldn’t mind emailing me at Thanks!

  8. Diane L

    These are the best!! Winter running in northern Wisconsin can be a challenge with the snow and icy conditions. I’ve used my Nanospikes now in multiple conditions without any problems and feel so much more confident. They transition well from ice and packed snow to pavement on partially cleared roads and allow me to run without obsessing about hitting a path of black ice. Highly recommended!

  9. Matt Trott

    These work so well-wish I would of purchased them sooner! Ran 10+ miles today on hard packed snow/ice and never slipped once. As with other reviewers on here, I also noticed how the front seems to press fairly hard into the top of your shoes. I too used them on Altra Timps and stopped a couple of times to try and adjust how they were sitting on my toes. It wasn’t bad enough to make me stop running but I may go back to where I purchased them and see if they will let me try a different size. Overall I will still highly recommend these!

  10. Geepers (verified owner)

    I love these NANOspikes so much I’ve bought two sizes for myself and a pair for my son and tell everyone about them. I generally wear a size 7.5 women’s shoe, which is right on the border between XS and S in the NANOspikes. I have an XS to go with my “barefoot” style of Merrell Trail Gloves and just bought an S to go with my hiking boots and larger athletic shoes. I read tons of reviews on both outdoor and running websites before deciding on these spikes. Still, until I could actually use them myself, I was skeptical about my first step on ice. I am extremely pleased to hear the extra “crunch” of the spikes and to feel secure as I walk and run. So yes, if you live in an area with ice, these are the spikes to buy.

  11. Sarah

    I haven’t been so impressed in a product in a long time as I am with this one. I can not believe the traction these have, even on pure ice! I have never felt so unafraid to walk on ice before!! I would recommend these to anyone who walks in the winter.

  12. Andrew Sydney

    I have just finished 9 days trekking through the Drakensburg – STH Africa , the NANO spikes are not just for ice and snow , they are magnificent for – river crossing on wet rock , traversing steep mountain sides , slippery clay track , log bridges and moving down steep slippery , silty rock tracks
    The Best

  13. Greg Rogers

    Living in NE Wisconsin, my options for running are the treadmill or deal with snow and ice. I have put about 30 miles on my first pair of Nanospikes after getting a good recommendation from my running partner who also owns a pair. I do love how light they are and I have been very happy with the added traction. They’re not big enough that my stride changes or are very noticeable on shorter runs.

    I have tried them on several shoes including my go to winter shoes, Saucony Peregrine 7 Ice, and a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 18s. On a size 11.5, I have been using the Large Size. I’ve had no issues with toe pinch as other reviewers have stated.

    My only complaint is that the front traction area slides inward towards my big toes and gets cockeyed on the bottom of my shoe. This requires me to stop every mile or two and readjust. Not a terrible experience but it can be pretty annoying, which is why I lowered my review. It’s better than sliding or falling on ice or having to stick to the treadmill so I guess I’ll tough it out.

  14. Frank

    Kahtoola NANOspikes

    I wholeheartedly recommend NANOspikes!

    I have found NANOspikes to be very effective for running on both ice/snow and mud. A couple days ago, I did a trail run where the conditions were more mud than ice. I applied the NANOspikes to my Merrill All Out Peak trail shoes before starting out. I was very impressed with the performance of the NANOspikes. Where other runners (who were probably not even wearing trail shoes) frequently slipped in the mud, I was able to maintain traction throughout. NANOspikes provided me with increased confidence when running under conditions what would otherwise have produced anxiety.

    There were no issues with clogging (balling). I did notice that after a while, the NANOspikes shifted slightly on my shoes, but they were never close to becoming detached. I attributed the shifting to the constant direction changes as I was running. That said, I may attach straps to the NANOspikes for my next run. If for no other reason than to prevent loss of the device if it should become detached from the shoe while running.

    I have also had the opportunity to test NANOspikes on my Lowa Camino GTX hiking boots while hiking in Harriman Park in New York. Once again, I was very impressed with the NANOspikes’ performance. There was a snow cover of a few inches, with a thin glaze of ice covering powder snow. On much of my hike, the trails were previously broken by other hikers, so I was walking on partially packed powder. The snow was dry, so I did not have a problem with balling. There were a few spots where the snow was wetter, but there was no balling even in those spots.

    If you know Harriman Park, you know that there are lots of places where you must step up onto rock slabs, which are not flat, but angled steeply. When these rocks become icy, they are extremely hazardous, and can be impossible to negotiate. Often, the hiker must walk off the trail, into the brush just to avoid these steps on the icy rock.
    On a previous hike, wearing an old pair of instep crampons, I found my footing on these icy steps to be precarious at best. On the other hand, with the NANOspikes, I was able to simply step up onto the icy rock as though it weren’t ice covered at all. This gave me confidence, making my hike much more enjoyable.

    One note: I always hike with TWO poles, not just one. This can make all the difference when negotiating slippery slopes. While the poles cannot stop a fall once it has started (you need something stronger, like an ice axe to do that), they will help you stabilize yourself to prevent the fall in the first place!

    Also note: Before using the NANOspikes (size Large) on my hiking boots (U.S. size 11), I was not sure they would stretch to fit the larger shoe profile. My concerns were allayed when I tested them on the boots before setting out for my hike. The rubber components of the NANOspikes stretches (and recovers) well.
    I was very pleased to find they fit my hiking boots, since my only other option (other than an old pair of instep crampons, which aren’t very effective) is my Koflach mountaineering boots with full 12 point crampons. For the conditions I hiked in Harriman, the crampons would have been extreme overkill, and most likely would not have worked as well as the NANOspikes did (the ice was far too thin for crampons to get a good bite).

  15. Peter Walker

    This company make a VERY GOOD product, Nanospikes. After my dog demolished one of my pair and I couldn’t get another replacement pair from Calgary (out of season), I CALLED THE COMPANY. Oh, I am not just a satisfied customer, It was an INCREDIBLE phone call and to say that I got satisfaction is an understatement. EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Thankyou to Kahtoola, I will buy another set IF and when these wear out.

  16. Dan

    I love them because they provide excellent traction on even the most icy conditions when I run and they stay secure and never fall off. But I too have found that I get discomfort in the big toe area where the “front” tab is located and the metal link connects. This is regrettable because they are otherwise terrific. I also experience some pain in the tarsal bones due to the pressure exerted by the device after longer runs of 10K +. I am currently wearing Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes and yes they have a soft upper like most running shoes do. I should note this happens only on my right foot. The other side is fine. Maybe there is an insert I could slip under the toe area to distribute the pressure more evenly or perhaps you may have a suggestion.

  17. David J

    Long time user of microspikes, but a first time user of nanospikes. Got a pair for Christmas. Due to a mild winter so far here in Montana, the trails I run have been extremely icy from constant thawing and refreezing, but the nanospikes have been amazing. Zero slips at all, even in the worst of trail conditions, and up and down grades.

    The first time I used them, I too noticed significant pain and pressure on top of the toes, like some others have experienced. A half-mile in to my first run I had to stop, and I noticed the strap that says “front” was twisted slightly on both feet. By simply straightening it so it laid flat against the top of the toe area like it’s supposed to, the pain and pressure went away. The strap will stay down once flattened, it’s not a recurring problem within a run. I’m sure those who have experienced this problem checked all that, but it’s just something to be aware of.

    I love them! Lighter than the microspikes and perfect for lesser grade runs.

  18. Norbert Hirschhorn

    I just bought a pair of NANOspikes, and they give me confidence on sidewalks with mixed snow and ice. I wear them over my New Balance snow boot. HOWEVER, when I went into a supermarket to shop, I discovered they real slip on the stone tile surface and I have to be careful as I was before on ice. What do you say?

    • Hilary Childs

      Dear Norbert,

      Thank you for your inquiry and we are happy to hear our NANOspikes™ traction product is working out well for you. The product was designed to be used outdoors on icy surfaces and to be removed prior to going indoors. Due to the nature of the tungsten carbide spikes, smooth surfaces such as tile and polished concrete will not provide the necessary “grip” for the NANOspikes™ traction to perform. As such, when worn on these surfaces the spikes will become slippery and dangerous. We recommend removing the product prior to going indoors. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  19. Arianna Serna

    I used them today for the first time to run outdoors and I was so happy that I could keep going despite the ice! They were great when it comes to traction and they didnt move at all when running. However, as mentioned by other reviews I ended up with very sore toes from the “front” strap and small blisters. I only ran 6km, not sure I would have been able to continue for much longer because of the issue on the toes.

  20. Rosie

    These little lovelies are top notch. Me, and my husband use them year after year up here in Alaska. We have the Microspikes for big deal trail adventures and the nanospikes for the icy daily road walks. Thank you Kahtoola for making quality gear! Now, if only we could get them in kid sizes for the littles. (hint hint)

  21. Rosie

    These little lovelies are top notch. Me, and my husband use them year after year up here in Alaska. We have the Microspikes for big deal trail adventures and the nanospikes for the icy daily road walks. Thank you Kahtoola for making quality gear! Now, if only we could get them in kid sizes for the littles. (hint hint) and I was able to change the fact that I mistakenly put in 1 star. They FIVE star people!! All the way.

  22. Anthony B

    Bought them for work purposes, (professional dog walker) as I needed something that would give grip on slippy paths in winter whilst being durable enough to keep on when there is mo snow or ice cover. Other grips I’ve used in the past wear out quickly once on dry ground.

    Only thing I don’t like, and this is a flaw I find with many ice grips is that they are prone to sliding out of position on the shoe.

  23. Mark Bibb

    I have used my Nano Spikes now for two years on our Colorado trails. Love the traction and confidence they give on ice. I have had the same problem as other reviewers that the front strap digs into my toes. I’ve adjusted and looked at my wife’s pair (who does not have this problem) to no avail. My solution has been to take them off and wear them backwards. No more toe problems but still great traction. I would love to give them more stars but my toes won’t allow it.

  24. John Penshorn (verified owner)

    Get The Spikes! I don’t review products, on the internet, ever. But these are sooo good, I really want other people to know about them and use them. Is six stars an option?

    I live in the Minneapolis area, and for years I have had to curtail running in winter because I can’t find a good, safe place to run. And I HATE treadmills. There is a plowed trail near my house, but it often goes to ice from just a bit of melting. Then, wham, the cold comes. With our consistently cold temps, it stays as ice for weeks. If it snows, they clear it, but the ice remains.

    The Nanospikes are awesome. I run with confidence – there is no “skittering”. They are lightweight and don’t affect my stride. Yes, there is a touch of pressure across the top of the toes – only a touch – NOT enough to blister – and that toe strap is there to hold the spikes on securely. I stretch that specific strap after I put the spikes on and that helps. I NEVER notice the pressure when actually running, only when I just put them on. I saw the toe pressure comments in the reviews and almost didn’t buy these. Don’t be put off – try them!

    By the way, they also fit over my hiking boots, so I am now snowblowing my driveway in these, due to an unfortunate ice layer that is fused to the asphalt and which will be with us for another two months. Again, as I maneuver the snowblower, I don’t even realize I have these on – I just have great traction.

    I find myself telling other runners on the icy trail, “get these spikes”. I wish I knew about them years ago. Consider me a true convert!

  25. Jay Moore

    I bought a pair of these in Iceland while I was on holiday there a couple of years ago. Now. back in the UK, I haven’t had the chance to wear them until yesterday – we finally have big snow and I can go run my favourite trail in the snow and ice. The NANOspikes did not disappoint. The first mile is on pavement and was solid ice. I was able to run normally with no slipping, even on steep inclines up and down. When I got to the trail parts and it was more snowy, still no slips. The spikes felt light, and comfortable. I am a happy customer. I would be tempted to try the ExoSpikes for trail use (I don’t think they had them a couple of years ago when i bought mine), but the NANOspikes also do a great job.

  26. Abby

    First of all, nanospikes are great. I use them for both icy run commutes to work in Boston (before the sidewalks are treated) and winter trail running. I don’t notice the on my feet and I am able to run normally w/o stopping over icy patches etc. because the traction is great. They also help prevent the risk of injury since I am not constantly changing my running form to avoid slipping. Secondly, I will forever be kahtoola loyal due to their excellent costumer service. I bought my nanospikes about 2 years ago and was upset when my dog chewed through one of them. I emailed them asking if I could pay for a repair (given that obviously a warranty doesn’t cover for pets being jerks!) and they said they could send me an old demo that they had lying around in the office. Not 4 days later, my new-to-me (but used) replacement nano-spike arrived. I could not be more impressed. Great company with great products and great customer service.

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