Kahtoola was founded on the idea that giving back is a responsibility we have as a business. And for over two decades, we've proudly invested in organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of others. Organizations that inspire us and that share our core values around preserving indigenous cultures, building outdoor community and protecting our environment.

If you're part of a foundation that's working to elevate people in any or all of these spaces, we'd love to hear from you! Our grants are distributed three times a year, and new applications are accepted each round.

Application Deadlines:
Spring cycle: March 31
Summer cycle: July 31
Fall/Winter cycle: November 30

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A Positive Legacy

How does an unlikely businessman start a company he can feel good about? For Kahtoola Owner and Founder, Danny Giovale, it began by doing more than just selling products. It began with putting people first

By the time he started designing his first set of hiking crampons, Danny had been on adventures the world over. And while the experiences themselves always began as the focus, they often took a backseat to stories about the inspiring people Danny and his friends met along the way. For Danny, this was especially true of the Tibetan people and culture.

As his new company began to take shape, Danny decided he wanted to focus on people and the responsibility he felt to give back. And he wanted Kahtoola associates to be part of it.

With that in mind, our Kahtoola for the People (KFP) program was born. Starting on day one, whether the company turned a profit or not, we've invested 1% of our revenue in helping empower others and giving them choices.

Kahtoola for the People was a successful program that we're immensely proud of, but as we've grown and evolved our approach to giving back has had to keep pace

Kahtoola Associates visiting KPP grant recipient Tolani Lake Enterprises, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening food, water and economic security in Navajo Nation.

Kahtoola Philanthropy Program

Enter our Kahtoola Philanthropy Program (KPP). This new program combines all of the philanthropic work we do here at Kahtoola and is a stronger representation of our business as a whole. While we're still dedicated to indigenous cultures and investing 1% of our revenues, those investments will now include more focused support for environmental responsibility and strengthening local and outdoor communities. These are pillars of our company values, and we're excited to help elevate organizations that are doing important work in these areas.

Three times yearly, organizations in any one—or all—of these spaces can apply for a KPP grant. From those applications, recipients are selected by an advisory board made up of Kahtoola associates—a process that encourages everyone involved to go beyond their day- to-day work by bringing unique ideas, perspectives and inspiration to the table in a positive way.

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An embodiment of Kahtoola's values, "The Queen of Zangla" follows founder and owner Danny Giovale on a multi-week backpacking trip along the Zanskar River, an ancient trade route in the Indian Himalaya, where he observes the threats of climate change and road development on traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture.