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The lightest steel crampon on the market, the K•10 Hiking Crampons feature a Quick-Fit Binding that make them easy to attach and remove from your favorite flexible footwear. Designed for hiking/backpacking and non-technical mountaineering, the K•10 offers added security and improved durability in all-around snow conditions and stay comfortable for hours on or off trail.

Snow Release Skins (SRS) included.

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Product Description

Quick-Fit Binding

Designed to make using serious traction easier than ever at a moment’s notice, the unique Quick-Fit Binding on the K•10 Hiking Crampons has a wide foot opening for easy on and off access, and secures to the foot with two buckle closures. Just set the size, put them on, fasten and go.

Patented LeafSpring® Flex Bar

Combining dual-layered, stainless steel bars without compromising durability, Kahtoola’s LeafSpring® Flex Bar won’t break under added stress like most conventional crampons on the market. Designed to flex naturally with the foot and any type of footwear, it allows users to move fast and light over non-technical terrain, and will last a lifetime.

K·10 Hiking Crampons Specs:

• 10 spikes per foot

• 3/4-inch spike length

• Spike material: 4130 chromoly steel
• Weight per pair: 21.5 oz (608 g)
• Pack size: 8.625 x 3.5 x 4.75 inches (153 in3)
• 3-year warranty
• Lifetime warranty on LeafSpring® Flex Bar

• Care Instructions: Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect before each use.


Additional Information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 9.75 × 4.5 in

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2 reviews for K•10 Hiking Crampons

  1. Todd

    I use these while cutting trees and brush (invasive species) on a steep hill in winter. I am very happy with them. Spikes are just right as far as I am concerned. I had the microspikes before this, but the g10 are much better for this work. I also use them for deer hunting on these steep slopes. Again they work great. No worry’s about slipping. The skins fell off or broke — not sure — but that doesn’t bother me.

  2. Kerry Smith

    Hi, I am at Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario, Canada. They have a sport shop that lends out different winter equipment to their guests. On their daily activities they mention hiking with crampons. The crampons were easy to adjust. The rental staff weren’t there when I signed them out, so I had to adjust them myself. It was easy to figure out and had them set up in a few minutes. I went out for a hike on their property. There was lots of snow and steep climbs. I’ve done the trails with regular boots and it was much easier with the K10’s. I had watched a few videos on YouTube before signing out the crampons. The roads on the property have ice due to some freezing rain and is uneven in spots. I was hiking for about an hour. I did some running on the trail and on the icy roads. I didn’t have any problems and the straps didn’t loosen up. I wish I would have tried these before. I live near a 70 acre camp ground that I take make dog in the off season, the park is very icy with the rain we’ve had and my dog Scout has been slipping on the ice ponds under the snow. It’s too bad he can’t wear crampons 🙂 The resort sells the K10’s and KTS in the gift shop. I’ll be buying a set before our winter holiday is over. My wife was having a massage while I was hiking, she be trying a set out tomorrow. She has fallen a few times the past few winters and has hurt herself, so these will be ideal for her walks. She won’t have an excuse for not taking the dog for a walk anymore. I am retired army, so I’ve spent loads of time in the snow. I know this is long winded, but I thought I should let people know that I like the K10’s. I’ll be hiking with them for the next 4 days, trying to keep from gaining weight with the 5 course meals.

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