K10 Hiking Crampons

K10 Hiking Crampons

Easy On, Easy Off

K10 Hiking Crampons

K10 Hiking Crampons

Easy On, Easy Off

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Serious Traction Simplified

Take your hiking to the next level without the need for complicated bindings or straps. Thanks to our simple, yet secure, Quick-Fit Binding System, K10™ is on and off in a flash with just the click of two buckles. So you don’t get bogged down when traveling over mixed, non-technical terrain. Paired with our patented LeafSpring® Flex Bar technology, K10’s binding system also allows the ankle and foot to move independently, ensuring maximum comfort and range of motion.  

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Key Features

  • Ten ¾ inch long chromoly steel spikes
  • Leafspring® Flexbar moves with the foot
  • Simple to use buckle closures
  • Lightweight, replaceable Snow Release Skins
    • Leafspring® Flexbar Technology - When used with flexible footwear, our unique, patented flex bar system moves with the foot to ensure a wide range of motion.
    • 10 Independent ¾ Inch Long Chromoly Steel Spikes - Aggressive, strategically placed spikes provide a very stable platform for walking, while tearing deep into hard ice and snow.
    • Independent Buckle Closures - Simple to use buckle closures at the front and rear of the crampon work independently, increasing range of motion by allowing the foot and ankle to move separately.
    • Lightweight, Replaceable Snow Release Skins - These allow the snow buildup that often comes with warmer temperatures to clear itself from the bottom of the crampon.
    • Weight (pair): (XS) 23.2 oz / 658 g, (Reg) 23.6 oz / 670 g, (XL) 24.7 oz / 700 g
    • Packed Size: 9 x 3.5 x 5 in, 153 in³ / 23 cm x 9 cm x 13 cm, 2691 cm³
  • Care
    Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect before each use.
  • Warranty
    Your satisfaction is our top priority. All Kahtoola hiking crampons are designed and field-tested for your most demanding adventures and are backed by a 3-year limited warranty. Products are warrantied to the original owner only and will be replaced or repaired at Kahtoola’s discretion.
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    • 3
      K 10 hiking crampons

      Posted by Robert Jenner on Apr 22nd 2022

      Good concept. Fills an real niche. I’ve used these for a couple of months. Don’t like the buckles. Too hard to cinch up. Double D rings would be easier and simpler.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Shawn McWilliams on Feb 20th 2020

      I've had these for a few seasons and use them while hiking on icy trails, they are great Only complaint i could mention is that the heal skins on both have long since been lost but i haven't had issues with snow sticking to them so far so it hasn't really affected them much

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Jeff Mellinger on Sep 25th 2019

      Disclaimer: I am no mountaineer. Just bought the K-10s at a store in Anchorage, Alaska, for climbing a couple of peaks. I have a fused ankle, no ligaments in one knee, and a number of severe back and hip injuries. Grades are tough enough without slipping, so bought the K-10s to aid me in my endeavors. After using a pair of other spikes on my previous climb of the same peak and suffering through slips, slides, and the rubber strap slipping to the point the spikes came off one foot. I needed something more robust and secure. I made my climb with no difficulties whatsoever, and am pleased to say that I was able to make my way down without resorting to side-stepping or walking backwards like the previous climbs (remember the fused ankle). The K-10s stayed put, and required no adjustment beyond that before climbing. The Snow Release Skins worked like a champ on the snow and mud, but because much of the climb crossed scree and talus, they are a bit chewed up. I will order more before making my next climb to be sure I am not left without. These crampons are perfect for what I need them for, and I will be using them on my next climbs. I highly recommend them for anyone who is a recreational climber..

    • 4
      4 stars

      Posted by Kerry Smith on Mar 3rd 2019

      Hi, I am at Couples Resort in Whitney, Ontario, Canada. They have a sport shop that lends out different winter equipment to their guests. On their daily activities they mention hiking with crampons. The crampons were easy to adjust. The rental staff weren't there when I signed them out, so I had to adjust them myself. It was easy to figure out and had them set up in a few minutes. I went out for a hike on their property. There was lots of snow and steep climbs. I've done the trails with regular boots and it was much easier with the K10's. I had watched a few videos on YouTube before signing out the crampons. The roads on the property have ice due to some freezing rain and is uneven in spots. I was hiking for about an hour. I did some running on the trail and on the icy roads. I didn't have any problems and the straps didn't loosen up. I wish I would have tried these before. I live near a 70 acre camp ground that I take make dog in the off season, the park is very icy with the rain we've had and my dog Scout has been slipping on the ice ponds under the snow. It's too bad he can't wear crampons :) The resort sells the K10's and KTS in the gift shop. I'll be buying a set before our winter holiday is over. My wife was having a massage while I was hiking, she be trying a set out tomorrow. She has fallen a few times the past few winters and has hurt herself, so these will be ideal for her walks. She won't have an excuse for not taking the dog for a walk anymore. I am retired army, so I've spent loads of time in the snow. I know this is long winded, but I thought I should let people know that I like the K10's. I'll be hiking with them for the next 4 days, trying to keep from gaining weight with the 5 course meals.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Todd on Nov 24th 2018

      I use these while cutting trees and brush (invasive species) on a steep hill in winter. I am very happy with them. Spikes are just right as far as I am concerned. I had the microspikes before this, but the g10 are much better for this work. I also use them for deer hunting on these steep slopes. Again they work great. No worry’s about slipping. The skins fell off or broke — not sure — but that doesn’t bother me.

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