MICROspikes® Footwear Traction

MICROspikes® Footwear Traction

Durable, Aggressive Traction

MICROspikes® Footwear Traction

MICROspikes® Footwear Traction

Durable, Aggressive Traction

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The Cutting Edge of Safety and Reliability

Safely make icy, mountainous terrain your playground with a proven performer that keeps finding new ways to push the limits of outdoor gear design. Used by arctic explorers and everyday outdoor adventurers for over a decade, MICROspikes® are ready to help take your outdoor adventures to the next level. This ultra-packable traction features twelve strategically placed, stainless steel spikes that bite into the most stubborn ice and snow.

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Key Features

  • Twelve 3/8" hardened stainless steel spikes
  • Welded stainless steel chains for traction and packability
  • Durable harness with reinforced eyelets
  • Integrated toe bail for added security
  • Raised heel tab for easy on/off
  • Includes tote sack
    • Twelve Stainless Steel Spikes Per Foot - Strategically spaced, 3/8" hard wearing stainless steel spikes provide a stable walking platform and bite into even the most stubborn ice and snow.
    • Ergonomically Shaped Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Harness - Features reinforced eyelets for increased durability, attaches securely to a variety of footwear and retains its elasticity down to -22°F (-30°C).
    • Integrated Toe Bail - Keeps the toe from pushing through the front of the harness for added security while descending.
    • Raised Heel Tab - Provides a secure grip point on the harness for easy on and off in frozen winter conditions with cold or gloved hands.
    • Weight (pair): (S) 11 oz / 312 g, (M) 11.9 oz / 338 g, (L) 13.1 oz / 372 g, (XL) 13.5 oz / 382 g
    • Packed Size: 5 in x 3 in x 2 in, 30 in³ / 13 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm, 520 cm³
  • Care
    Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect device before each use and remove it from footwear between uses.
  • Warranty
    Your satisfaction is our top priority. All Kahtoola stretch-on traction devices are designed and field-tested for your most demanding adventures and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. Products are warrantied to the original owner only and will be replaced or repaired at Kahtoola’s discretion.
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    • 5
      best spikes

      Posted by Pam on Dec 22nd 2022

      I was given a pair for Christmas 5 yrs ago. I have worn and hiked in them every winter. After the first winter I notice the rubber on the side in the middle was torn a bit. I wish I would have know about the 2 yr warranty then, but I didn't so I continued to wear them hiking 4 - 5 miles every day with up to a 10 percent grade. I hike in the snow, rain and sun. Even with the torn rubber I wore them for 3 more yrs before they finally broke completely. During the snowing winter season I keep them in the front passenger side of my car because sometimes the ice is too slippery for me to get out to my trunk. The weather here in winter gets down to -20 . have had no problem with the rubber getting stiff. One of the links broke in my third year of wearing them. My husband made a part and I wore them for 2 more years. I love the grip I get when on the ice. I had to help a family down the mountain that had gone from snow to ice by the time they turned around. It was only about quarter mile but they were slipping and sliding and falling. I would take one person down then go back and get 2 kids. The mom finally sat on her rear end and started sliding down. They could not believe I was not slipping on the ice. My spikes probably have close to 1200 miles on them. I am getting another pair because mine are worn down to stubs and don't do so well on thick ice. I tell everyone to get the microspikes.

    • 5

      Posted by Cusewordsmith on Dec 16th 2022

      I was introduced to Microspikes on a glacier hike in Iceland. I loved them so much I took a pic of the brand and bought some for my wife and I as soon as I got home. That was years ago, and they are still going strong. I literally trust my life to them deep in the backcountry. And Kahtoola stands behind their product.

    • 5
      Best microspikes on the market!

      Posted by Mark Thompson on Jan 28th 2022

      We use Kahtoola microspikes for mountain rescue and winter missions. They are the best we've found and we highly recommend them for any kind of winter travel.

    • 4
      4 stars

      Posted by Soren Trexler on Apr 21st 2021

      These things 100% have a use, but they might not be everything you think they are. Steep trails with packed snow? Awesome. Trail isn’t steep? I hardly ever put them on. Icy morning snow off trail a few days after the last accumulation? Super helpful. Off trail on fresh snow? These aren’t gonna give you much extra traction. Scrambling on rock with 1-3 inches of snow? Just make things feel way less stable. I also should note one of the chain links connecting the plates with the spikes to the elastic band bent out of place while I was doing a nasty sidehill, but nothing some pliers couldn’t fix.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Greg McMahon on Feb 3rd 2021

      I bought these to use while iceboating in New England. In order to get the boat moving in moderate to light winds, you need a running start. I have run next to my iceboat and have pushed others to get them going running at full bore. I never slipped even on smooth black ice. These are standard equipment for most iceboaters. After 3 years, mine are going strong. Highly recommended.

    • 5
      These spikes are simply the best. Nothing else makes every step feel as confident. Ice, snow, mud. Easy on, easy off. Customer service is awesome too!

      Posted by Todd Brandes on Dec 24th 2020

      These spikes are simply the best. Nothing else makes every step feel as confident. Ice, snow, mud. Easy on, easy off. Customer service is awesome too!

    • 3
      3 stars

      Posted by Zach on Dec 26th 2019

      Great until they break. I've never had a pair last longer than two seasons. Up until they break, they work great and I have no complaints. The description says the rubber remains stretchy down to -30F. I find that as low as 5F the rubber is pretty stiff, and any colder than that is when they snap. I haven't had an issue with the chain pulling out of the rubber; only with the rubber breaking when I pull them on. I'd love to see something with these size spikes, but an "upper" like you offer with the crampons. The rubber is not durable. They may work for occasional use, but I'm on the trails daily in the winter. Offering something for those of us who aren't hardcore mountaineers, but are on icy trails every day in the winter would be great. These don't seem to be it. $70 every other year is a price I've been willing to pay, because they do work well until the break. But when people ask how I like them, my advice is always hesitant. "Yes, I like them, BUT..."

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by John Patton on Dec 12th 2019

      I bought my first set two years ago at REI in Pittsburgh. I am a photographer and use them nearly every day I shoot in the winter. I'm always amazed at how well they hold traction on steep, icy hills and on icy rocks when crossing streams. I bought the medium size to fit a size 8.5 Lowa hiking boot. Tried to put them on a pair of Muck boots but they are to small. Will be buying a large pair next week. My only complaint is that wet snow has a tendency to ball up under the chains. Other than that they are the best of four other brands of traction devices I own.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Till Gottbrath on Dec 11th 2019

      Conditions The first snow in the Northern Alps, but because of the Föhn-wind the snow very, very wet and sticky. Down in the valley everything had melted again, higher up it was up to 15 cm. Surface I ran and walked on the following surfaces – Narrow single trail: mud, roots, stones, 0 to 15 cm wet snow – Forestry roads: 0 to 15 cm wet snow – Wet forest soil with 0 to 15 cm wet snow – Ice: none Shoes Saucony Exodus – a solid trail running shoe with a not too pronounced profile. I would not run this shoe in snow because of the weak profile. It also fails hopelessly in the mud! Shoe size 10, MICROspikes size M The MICROspikes in real life Mounting Surprisingly easy to put on, also standing one-legged in the woods. Put it over the forefoot, pull up at the flap at the back – ready! You don't have to fiddle around for long. Fit Overall, they fit very well! I also walked a bit pathless through very steep (up to 45°) mountain forest. This is so steep that you can hardly walk in the fall line anymore, but have to walk zigzag. In zigzag, the front part slipped sideways two or three times, but just a tiny bit and not relevant for the grip. How do you feel the MICROspikes on your foot? If you start running without the MICROspikes, you can clearly feel the additional weight of 170 grams per foot after putting them on. I didn't feel the claws themselves as disturbing under the sole on hard ground - actually, I didn't feel them at all. But for sure the Saucony shoes with a rather firm midsole and insole surely contribute to this. Must try it with my much more sensitive Inov-8`s. How do the MICROspikes perform? – As soon as there was only a little snow, both running and walking was always and without exception better than without MICROspikes. Much better! No matter if uphill or downhill, steep or flat, fast or slow, if lots or little snow - always! – The performance in the steep mountain forest WITHOUT snow surprised me particularly positively. That is sensational! Put your forefoot on the ground and walk straight up until the calves burn. Every farmer in the Alps, herder, forester, hunter, geologist etc. should try the MICROspikes. – The feeling of more safety on steep, narrow alpine paths was striking. I wouldn't walk the direct path up to the local Schreckalm (typical pasture in the Bavarian Alps) under these conditions: a) it wouldn't be any fun and b) there are a few really steep parts where you have to be rather cautious. With the MICROspikes on my feet, the trail was really fun to run and I felt much safer. – Running downhill was also great – no matter if on narrow snowy and muddy single trail that other hikers had already broken in, or on untrodden snow on climbs or forest tracks. The safety gain is considerable and I was also able to run faster. Does snow stick to your feet? Snow conditions were most unfavourable: it couldn't get any wetter or more sticky! And yes, it happened again and again - especially under the heel - that the snow stuck. The most annoying thing was the snow package between the sole and the spikes. But it comes off very easily: mostly on its own or you just kick against a tree or a stone. Anyone who is familiar with the feeling of walking with crampons on their feet has got used to the slightly wide-legged gait of a sailor. You simply don't want to get caught with the crampons in your trouser legs or gaiters. With the MICROspikes this is not necessary. The spikes sit clearly under the sole. Also posititve: The shoe flexes as well as without spikes. You don't feel that you have a traction aid on your foot when you roll off. What you shouldn't expect: If the snow is deep and soft, you still sink in. Traction products are no snowshoes. Conclusion The MICROSPIKES have become an essential part of my trail running and hiking kit. _______ To be fair and open: I was chief editor of “Outdoor” magazine in Germany and have a pretty wide background on gear. But you should also know that I support Kahtoola with PR in Germany. However, this review not a sponsored post. I would tell exactly the same to my best buddies – even after the 5th beer!

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