Tips & Tricks for Nailing Your Gaiter Fit

With a range of gaiters designed for different activities, deciding which one is right for you isn’t always straightforward. And while we recommend trying on our gaiters in-store as well as discussing your specific needs with a sales associate, we realize that isn’t always an option. So to help you choose the right gaiter for your next adventure, our product designers Brad and Nico have put together a short list of tips & tricks to ensure you get the best possible fit and performance.

#1 - Zero In On Your Activity of Choice

If you’re buying a gaiter for a specific activity, it’s essential to begin by choosing the one that’s best suited for the expected conditions. This will ensure you’re always using the right tool for the job.

For example, our ultra-tough gaiters (NAVAgaiter™ and RENAgaiter™) are our most durable and are designed for activities where they may need to stand up to intense abrasion or extremely sharp objects. For activities where lighter weight is key—such as trail running or backpacking—our ultra-light gaiters (INSTAgaiter™ and LEVAgaiter™) are your best bet. For high-output activities, RENAgaiter™ and INSTAgaiter™ use lightweight, breathable DWR coated stretch-woven nylon to keep you cool, while LEVAgaiter™ and NAVAgaiter™ use GORE-TEX for activities that require maximum protection from the elements.

Tip: If you’re looking for a gaiter that covers the widest range of activities and conditions, we suggest RENAgaiter™. It’s lightweight, breathable, and will stand up to light rain and moisture—they’re like the EXOspikes™ of gaiters!

#2 - Tall, Mid or Low. The Choice Is Up to You.

Our gaiters come in three different heights: tall, mid or low. The height of the gaiter will determine the amount of leg coverage you have above the ankle, but most importantly, you will want to choose a gaiter that covers the entire upper portion of your boot or shoe.

For example, our most protective gaiters (LEVAgaiter™ and NAVAgaiter™) come in mid (LEVAgaiter™ only) and tall options to cover winter boots or other footwear with higher ankle support like backpacking boots. On the other hand, our lightweight and midweight breathable gaiters (INSTAgaiter™ and RENAgaiter™) are available in mid and low options to cover hiking boots with ankle support or low-cut footwear like hiking or trail running shoes.

Tip: If in doubt, pick a higher cut gaiter. A higher gaiter may trap a little more heat, but a shorter one won’t fit over as many different types of footwear. It’s also worth noting that we use undergarment stitching around the cuff of all of our gaiters. That means they’re comfortable against bare skin, so our gaiters can extend above the sock or even be worn with no socks at all!

#3 - Size Matters

The best place to start with sizing is to check out the sizing chart on any gaiter’s product page. From there, if you find that the size of your footwear is near the top of the range, you may want to consider sizing up, especially if the gaiters will be used on more robust footwear.

For example, RENAgaiter™ comes in two sizes: S/M & L/XL, so if you are looking for a gaiter that fits size 10.5 backpacking boots you may want to choose L/XL over the S/M size as the outside of the boot will be larger than that of a lower profile 10.5 trail running shoe.

Tip: Once you have your gaiters in hand, the sizing can be dialed in using the drawcord around the cuff, the front clip and the instep strap. Ideally, you’ll want the bottom cuff of the gaiter to be as low as possible on the shoe or boot in order to provide the best coverage. To achieve this, start with the instep strap in the middle position and adjust each side equally until there is one finger width of room between the bottom edge of the gaiter and your footwear.

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Using these three simple tips will ensure that your new gaiters fit well and perform as they’ve been designed to. And of course, we’re always here to help. If you have any questions about gaiter selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.