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1607, 2018

Getting Psyched Up

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So, it’s beach week, which means I’m more focused on sun, sand, and booze than running normally. I DID manage to log about 45miles over the last week with a few long and a few short distance runs following the whole beach mentality of “I’m lazy and not waking up until at least 9 a.m.” (Yes, my kids are AWESOME). The only downside is that I wasn’t getting out on [...]

1806, 2018

The Land That Never Melts

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The smooth blue ice of the Owl River stretches out in front of me as my dog Buck and I haul heavily laden sledges across the Arctic wilderness of Baffin Island. The frozen river is flanked by jagged peaks of the Baffin Mountains on either side and they guide us towards the Arctic Circle, a significant milestone on the 18-day, 125-mile solo trek I’m in the midst of. I’m in [...]

3005, 2018

Longing for Flight

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I used to think that having multiple sclerosis was all about loss. And all about acceptance of that loss. The best analogy for how it feels to have a neural traffic jam in the c-spinal cord is the way you feel when you set out on a major approach, on the first steep uphill, the one you have to push through knowing you only get to that summit foot by [...]

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