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Our heritage is in winter and the mountains.

301, 2018

A WINTER Bob Graham Round

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Why would I want to run around 42 rugged Lake District fells totaling 105km and 8,700m of ascent/descent in winter? I was missing something this last year. I hadn’t felt that huge sense of pride and achievement you get when you really test yourself and overcome a challenge, especially when the outcome is uncertain. My 2017 running year had been […]

2212, 2017

In a Perfect World

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Every December for the last 11 years I’ve had the opportunity to attend Summit for Life, an amazing annual weekend event in Aspen, CO, that Kahtoola sponsors and supports the Chris Klug Foundation in educating and honoring organ and tissue donor awareness, as well as the families and individuals who have given or received. It’s an event that leaves you feeling inspired and believing anything is possible. […]

1312, 2017

With Beauty and Positivity

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We all have that friend. The one who, the second they cross over into their favorite landscape, they transform. And the first time they connected with that wild and wonderful place a piece of their soul forever changed, and it became part of them. I am that friend. You are that friend. My friend’s name is Brian. I’ve known Brian and his wife, Jordan, for several years, but it wasn’t [...]

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