Land Conservation


Environmental advocacy is an important part of our sustainability efforts. Our mission is to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone, and to do that we need to help conserve wild places for current and future generations to enjoy.

In our own backyard, we work closely with groups focusing on the Grand Canyon. For example, we’re involved in advocating for an end to uranium mining around the Canyon and in establishing the area around it as a National Monument. Our Founder, Danny, has also been very involved with the Rewilding Institute and their efforts to map and protect wildlife corridors in the Grand Canyon.

Internationally, we support conservation projects that are producing concrete, positive results for the land. We’re particularly proud of our support for advocacy group Rios Libres’ film Power In the Pristine. It helped draw attention to a proposed hydroelectric dam mega project in Chile, which would have blocked two rivers that serve critical ecological functions for the pristine Aysen region in Patagonia. In 2014, overwhelming international opposition to the project led to the Chilean government cancelling the permits.

We know we can’t take our planet’s wild places for granted, and we believe it’s up to all of us to cherish these vital spaces and to do what we can to protect them. Because once they’re gone, there’s no guarantee we will ever get them back.