Products That Are Designed to Last

Built to Last

It takes a lot of energy to produce a new piece of gear, and when its life is over, it inevitably ends up being discarded. That’s why we’ve been committed to designing durable, repairable products since day one. Because gear that stays in use longer is a win for the planet and for the pocket book. As a testament to this commitment, many of our first generation MICROspikes—sold over a decade ago—are still in use today.

In addition to building products that last, we avoid needless waste by not bringing a new product, or product update to market unless it’s going to make a real difference for our users by improving performance, durability or both. And we encourage everyone with a damaged or inoperable Kahtoola product to contact us about having it repaired—no matter when it was purchased. We’re proud of the gear we make and we’re committed to keeping it in use as long as possible.