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We’re willing to go the extra mile for kids and the environment—we’d do it anyway, but it sure is nice that the planet’s next generation of caretakers can benefit.

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The fun in creating our products is knowing that without them people wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of their favorite activities during winter. That sense of fun extends beyond our product line and into the outdoors and mountains with the continued support of our Kahtoola ambassadors and quad-amputee athlete Kyle Maynard, as well as our annual TransRockies™ Run team sponsorship and Kahtoola Uphill race.

Started in 2007, Kahtoola Uphill is a fun, local mountain race designed to encourage human-powered movement that takes place on the San Francisco Peaks overlooking our company headquarters in Flagstaff, AZ. The idea was simple: climb a mountain. Initially we had 25 people, mostly friends of Kahtoola. Today, we’ve solidified three courses with roughly 300 participants a year, and made it an evening event and community celebration.


Several years ago, Kahtoola teamed up with local nonprofit Friends of Camp Colton in support of Camp Colton, a youth environmental education program in Flagstaff. The event turned into a fundraiser, with 100% of profits going directly to Camp Colton and into a scholarship that allows low-income students to attend the camp. In the past decade, Kahtoola Uphill has raised $200,000, a portion of which, in 2017, helped fund new cabins that are sustainable, handicap accessible, and benefit special-needs students.

Three of our Kahtoola team members personally experienced the life-changing impact of Camp Colton while growing up in our mountain town, two of whom—Danny Giovale and Hilary Childs—serve on the Friends of Camp Colton Board of Directors, and are always thinking of new ways to send kids outdoors.