We’re going the extra mile for kids, the environment, and future generations.

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Started in 2007, Kahtoola Uphill is a fun, local mountain race designed to encourage human-powered movement that takes place on the San Francisco Peaks overlooking our company headquarters in Flagstaff, AZ. The idea was simple: climb a mountain. Initially we had 25 people, mostly friends of Kahtoola. Today, we’ve solidified three courses with roughly 300 participants a year, and made it an evening event and community celebration.


Several years ago, Kahtoola teamed up with local nonprofit Friends of Camp Colton in support of Camp Colton, a youth environmental education program in Flagstaff. The event turned into a fundraiser, with 100% of profits going directly to Camp Colton and into a scholarship that allows low-income students to attend the camp. In the past decade Kahtoola Uphill has raised more than $200,000, a portion of which, in 2017, helped fund two new cabins that are sustainable, handicap accessible, and benefit special-needs students.