1st Gen NANOspikes® Footwear Traction

1st Gen NANOspikes® Footwear Traction

1st Generation Model – Closeout 30% Off

1st Gen NANOspikes® Footwear Traction

1st Gen NANOspikes® Footwear Traction

1st Generation Model – Closeout 30% Off

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Focused on the Road Ahead

Keep your urban adventures going all winter long with high-performance traction designed specifically for hard, slippery surfaces. Ten ultra-tough tungsten-carbide spikes underfoot shrug off high-mileage adventures on abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete, while a low profile design means you won’t have to adjust your stride while running or walking. For increased comfort, the spikes are integrated into flexible plates that disperse impact forces on the foot, so you can stay out longer and go farther.

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Feature Callout

Key Features

  • 10 tungsten carbide spikes
  • Flexible plates disperse impact forces on the foot
  • Ergonomically shaped harness with reinforced eyelets
  • Integrated toe bail for added security
  • Raised heel tab for easy on/off
  • Includes tote sack
    • Ten Tungsten Carbide Spikes - Strategically placed, tungsten-carbide spikes provide a stable platform, resist wear on hard surfaces and are integrated into flexible plates that disperse impact forces on the foot.
    • Ergonomically Shaped Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Harness - Features reinforced eyelets for increased durability, is ergonomically shaped to allow for a very low-profile fit and retains its elasticity down to -22°F (-30°C).
    • Toe Bail - Keeps the toe from pushing through the front of the harness for added security while descending.
    • Raised Heel Tab - Provides a secure grip point on the harness for easy on and off in frozen winter conditions with cold or gloved hands.
    • Weight (pair): (XS) 7.2 oz / 204 g, (S) 7.5 oz / 214 g, (M) 8 oz / 226 g, (L) 8.3 oz / 236 g, (XL) 9 oz / 255 g
    • 5.75 in x 4 in x 2.25 in, 52 in³ / 15 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm, 900 cm³
  • Care
    Wash with lukewarm water and air-dry (do NOT dry with heat). Ensure the product is clean and dry before storage. Inspect device before each use and remove it from footwear between uses.
  • Warranty
    Your satisfaction is our top priority. All Kahtoola stretch-on traction devices are designed and field-tested for your most demanding adventures and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. Products are warrantied to the original owner only and will be replaced or repaired at Kahtoola’s discretion.
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    • 5
      For kids too!

      Posted by Robin on Apr 1st 2023

      These saved me! Lots of shoveling our very steep driveway during the epic winter we had this year, and I felt so relieved to not slip at all. Confidence, and no more fear in injury. And since I got a pair, my 6 year old wanted a pair too. I got the XS and they fit his kids size 1 Sorel boots. Thank you!

    • 5
      Great on slippery ice

      Posted by Susan Ritt on Mar 4th 2023

      Fantastic! Did not wipe out on wet, slippery ice.

    • 5
      very effective easy to put on

      Posted by L Tallman on Feb 28th 2023

      Thesse are so good I'm giving them to my friends

    • 5

      Posted by David Johnson on Feb 15th 2023

      For an old fart like me, these are the best. They keep me walking in the winter. Without them the ice would keep me and my dog home bound. The ice this winter has been exceptionally treacherous , many people did not clear their sidewalks and others were simply overwhelmed by slush which turned into ice. My Nanospikes have kept me upright and walking through it all. I was worried the spikes would wear down when I walked on clear concrete walks but I’ve seen no sign of wear. I recommend my spikes to everyone I meet when I’m out walking. I’m a huge fan. Thanks for the freedom!

    • 5
      Love these

      Posted by Maggie on Jan 5th 2023

      Love the nanospikes! I'm not a runner anymore, so I bought a pair for over my winter boots. I do a lot of walking/hiking with my dogs, regardless of the weather. These made my usual 45 minute walk in the morning possible after last night's freezing rain. I like that they're low profile enough that you don't feel super weird walking over bare pavement. They stay on perfectly, and I don't find them uncomfortable at all-- but again, I am wearing them in a bigger size over heavy winter hiking boots. I can see why they might be uncomfortable if you're just wearing runners. But they're perfect for me!

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Abby on Mar 2nd 2021

      First of all, nanospikes are great. I use them for both icy run commutes to work in Boston (before the sidewalks are treated) and winter trail running. I don't notice the on my feet and I am able to run normally w/o stopping over icy patches etc. because the traction is great. They also help prevent the risk of injury since I am not constantly changing my running form to avoid slipping. Secondly, I will forever be kahtoola loyal due to their excellent costumer service. I bought my nanospikes about 2 years ago and was upset when my dog chewed through one of them. I emailed them asking if I could pay for a repair (given that obviously a warranty doesn't cover for pets being jerks!) and they said they could send me an old demo that they had lying around in the office. Not 4 days later, my new-to-me (but used) replacement nano-spike arrived. I could not be more impressed. Great company with great products and great customer service.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by Jay Moore on Feb 9th 2021

      I bought a pair of these in Iceland while I was on holiday there a couple of years ago. Now. back in the UK, I haven't had the chance to wear them until yesterday - we finally have big snow and I can go run my favourite trail in the snow and ice. The NANOspikes did not disappoint. The first mile is on pavement and was solid ice. I was able to run normally with no slipping, even on steep inclines up and down. When I got to the trail parts and it was more snowy, still no slips. The spikes felt light, and comfortable. I am a happy customer. I would be tempted to try the ExoSpikes for trail use (I don't think they had them a couple of years ago when i bought mine), but the NANOspikes also do a great job.

    • 3
      3 stars

      Posted by Mark Bibb on Jan 30th 2021

      I have used my Nano Spikes now for two years on our Colorado trails. Love the traction and confidence they give on ice. I have had the same problem as other reviewers that the front strap digs into my toes. I've adjusted and looked at my wife's pair (who does not have this problem) to no avail. My solution has been to take them off and wear them backwards. No more toe problems but still great traction. I would love to give them more stars but my toes won't allow it.

    • 5
      5 stars

      Posted by John Penshorn on Jan 30th 2021

      Get The Spikes! I don’t review products, on the internet, ever. But these are sooo good, I really want other people to know about them and use them. Is six stars an option? I live in the Minneapolis area, and for years I have had to curtail running in winter because I can’t find a good, safe place to run. And I HATE treadmills. There is a plowed trail near my house, but it often goes to ice from just a bit of melting. Then, wham, the cold comes. With our consistently cold temps, it stays as ice for weeks. If it snows, they clear it, but the ice remains. The Nanospikes are awesome. I run with confidence - there is no “skittering”. They are lightweight and don’t affect my stride. Yes, there is a touch of pressure across the top of the toes - only a touch - NOT enough to blister - and that toe strap is there to hold the spikes on securely. I stretch that specific strap after I put the spikes on and that helps. I NEVER notice the pressure when actually running, only when I just put them on. I saw the toe pressure comments in the reviews and almost didn’t buy these. Don’t be put off - try them! By the way, they also fit over my hiking boots, so I am now snowblowing my driveway in these, due to an unfortunate ice layer that is fused to the asphalt and which will be with us for another two months. Again, as I maneuver the snowblower, I don’t even realize I have these on - I just have great traction. I find myself telling other runners on the icy trail, “get these spikes”. I wish I knew about them years ago. Consider me a true convert!

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