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NANOspikes®? MICROspikes®? KTS/K•10 Hiking Crampons?

All Kahtoola traction products are designed for use with flexible footwear, allowing you to move freely through the natural world.

NANOspikes® Traction

  • Activity: Running, walking.
  • Location: Roads, streets, urban trails.
  • Conditions: Ice, packed snow.
  • Shoe/Boot Style: Road and trail running shoes.

*Tungsten carbide spikes are extremely durable and wear-resistant; allow for smooth transition between ice and snow and pavement; and will not affect gait and/or stride during use.


MICROspikes® Traction

  • Activity: Hiking, running, backpacking, walking, ice fishing.
  • Location: Trails, off-trail terrain.
  • Conditions: Ice, packed snow, mixed snow/ice with limited rocks.
  • Shoe/Boot Style: Trail running shoes, hiking/backpacking/pack boots.

*Stainless-steel spikes provide added traction on ice, snow and frozen terrain. Removing MICROspikes when not in recommended conditions will extend the life of the product and reduce negative environmental impacts.

KTS and K•10 Hiking Crampons

  • Activity: Hiking, backpacking, non-technical mountaineering.
  • Location: Rugged trails, mountainous off-trail terrain.
  • Conditions: Ice, packed snow, all-around snow/ice with rocks.
  • Shoe/Boot Style: Hiking shoes, hiking/backpacking boots.

*Chromoly steel spikes offer superior traction; downward-facing angle of front spikes allow 10 points of contact across stride, and bindings function independently to maintain secure fit throughout every step.

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