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1405, 2018

The Contradiction of Fossil Fuel-Powered Ski Resorts

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Getting up a mountain on a ski lift requires the burning of fossil fuels at the majority of America’s ski resorts. Like all greenhouse gas emissions, this in turn contributes to climate change and will likely lead to less snowpack in mountainous regions. And so downhill skiing that is powered by fossil fuels is undermining itself, jeopardizing the ability of people to experience snow, let alone ski, in the future. [...]

805, 2018

Adventurous from Scratch

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What is Intrepid? Intrepid Academy at Hale is an outdoor semester day school for Boston Public Schools students held at Hale, a 100-year-old outdoor education organization in Westwood and Dover, MA, with more than 1,100 acres of woodlands, ponds, and streams. The mission of IAH is to provide a unique, personalized learning opportunity that combines three major themes: exercise, nature, and rigorous academics. The concept for IAH was born from [...]

404, 2018

No Matter the Goal

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I come from the flatlands of Northeast Ohio. The largest hill where I grew up had approximately 30 feet of vertical relief. And it happened to be in the town’s cemetery. That didn’t stop me and my friends from sledding there during our snowy winters. It was my first experience feeling the pull of gravity as I pushed off between two gravestones and relinquished control for the short but exhilarating [...]

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