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Every time you take your MICROspikes® on a winter hike, NANOspikes® for a run, or direct your KTS/K•10 Hiking Crampons over icy summits, you can be confident your investment in Kahtoola gear is improving your life as well as the lives of others.

At the heart of everything Kahtoola stands for are people. The mountain cultures who continually inspire us. Those who spur outdoor product innovation. And everyone who uses and endorses our products. With people and the planet in mind, we started Kahtoola for the People, a program that gives 1% from the sale of every product to projects that work to preserve indigenous mountain cultures worldwide. Each year, we award grants ranging from $250 up to $10,000 that help improve healthcare, education, resources, and the environment within targeted cultures.

In years past, we’ve supported such projects as the Tibetan Aid Project, Himalayan Stove Project and Rumble X, and recently we’ve teamed up with Esperanca, a Phoenix-based nonprofit that provides resources to and improves the lives of communities around the world. Our focus will be on Peru and the community of Q’reos Totorani high in the Andes Mountains, with funds supporting the labor for the construction of 20 ecologically friendly, acclimatized homes that will provide safe living conditions for approximately 120 people—which helps keep families and cultures intact.


Our support of people and inspiring adventure is also directly related to our love for wild and beautiful places. Small or big, we believe that everyone plays a part in protecting our environment, which is why we encourage environmental consciousness and stewardship of the areas we all choose to recreate. In our own backyard of northern Arizona, we’re in a constant fight against development projects that threaten the Grand Canyon and many of our beloved landscapes, as well as the wildlife that rely on them. We know that through backing people who are doing good in the world, we can have a long-lasting, sustainable impact on the environments and cultures that inspire our very reason for being.

To learn more about Kahtoola for the People, about the organizations we work with, as well as grant applications, visit Kahtoola for the People.