Our mission at Kahtoola is to design, manufacture, and sell quality products that increase opportunities for the enjoyment of human-powered outdoor adventure while benefiting the global community.


At Kahtoola, we combine our love for the outdoors with our love for technology and design. This formula results in products that we believe will exceed expectations and help outdoor enthusiasts achieve a new level of adventure. We’re convinced a healthy mind is fueled by an active lifestyle, and Kahtoola can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re hiking, running, mountaineering or simply walking your dog.


Deeply inspired by Tibetan culture, Kahtoola Founder Danny Giovale came across the word kahtoola while looking through a book about the Tibetan language. Translated, it means “directly.” It resonated with him immediately and thus became the name and essence of the company and product line. Tibetans—who are generally poor, but also rich in inner-happiness, helpfulness and positivity—often carry heavy loads on their backs but also wear smiles on their faces. It is this incredible spirit, way of being and joyful perseverance that deeply inspired the name Kahtoola. Appropriately, at Kahtoola, we get outdoor enthusiasts directly where they want to go.


At the heart of our very existence is the need to create solutions to outdoor challenges—we embrace discovery and don’t mind an uphill climb to get there. Our aim is to develop best-in-class products that equip you for success and enable you to do more than you otherwise could. Our NANOspikes®, MICROspikes®, KTS and K-10 Hiking Crampons are equipped with the very best winter traction technology available.


All of us at Kahtoola field-test and stand by our gear. We also back-up our products with excellent service and warranties. Our company culture honors each person to be his or her own authority, to contribute to the collective goals of the company, to be fair in all interactions and to excel at work and life. Kahtoola’s traction products are made with the upmost precision and care.


From the beginning we have been determined to make our company a force for good by providing quality products that get people outdoors, integrating company values into every facet of the business, and addressing unmet needs in the world by contributing a portion of our sales through our Kahtoola for the People advisory board to support indigenous mountain cultures worldwide. Learn more by visiting Kahtoola for the People.


We exist for the purpose of enabling human-powered outdoor adventure. With a passion for the outdoors and the benefit of people everywhere, our gear is made to be durable, reliable and comfortable, and can make it across a wide variety of terrain. The outdoors is our playground, and we’re designing solutions so everyone can participate.



Active relationships and genuine connections among associates, retailers, customers and the community are the keys to our success. We value people over products—and we love our products. We appreciate our customers’ commitment to us and their feedback makes our products better and stronger.